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Being that Skytrack/Scattrak were based for years out of my hometown, I've seen plenty of them through my life. As the article states above, they were bought & moved out about 7 years ago.

My dad had a 1300 similar to the picture that he bought new in '88 or '89. I worked for him for years, so I had quite a bit of experience with that machine. My brother also owned a '00 or '01 1500 for a few years, but that was an updated model over the one pictured. They were good for their era, but depending on the use, it may be worth looking into.

Parts in the late 90's were already getting harder to get as we had very few (if any) dealers in our area. I remeber driving 45 minutes for a new starter once for the 1300 & the parts guy at the dealership laughing at me because he had to order it from the factory (in my hometown) & I would have to come back when the part came in, in a few days of course! :blink:

Years before we could get the parts factory direct as we were considered a vendor (we did ocassional work at the factory) or we knew enough employees to buy directly thru them.

I would do some searching locally before buying to see if you can get parts thru a Volvo dealer, or possibly thru a Lull/JLG dealer. I can guarantee you will be needing parts & service at some point! If nothing local, you can always try this place, as they seem to be the only place I know of that may still have parts for the Scat's.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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