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So my folks wanted one of these in their home, I picked it up from the supply house and went to start working on it.

Only to find that apparently they meant for it to hang from sheet metal ducts, not fiberduct. That's the only parts included any way (tiny #8 self tapping screws). Even though I knew the fiberduct wouldn't support the weight of the thing without just tearing, I tried anyway. It held on after I let go, but seemed to shift and settle with gravity for a good 45 seconds while I sat there with my hand right next to it, having visions of it falling to the ground in the middle of the night and shattering. Obviously I took it down and patched up the hole in the duct for the time being.

Any suggestions? How does one attach an accessory like a humidifier or UV light to a fiberduct return? Should I use S-Cleat somehow as an internal frame to screw into from the outside? Any adhesives recommended?

Your collective knowledge and expertise are much appreciated.
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