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Sase vacuum for hardwood dust ???

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I've just bought a Sase Bull 45 vacuum for my edger, buffer and orbital sanders. Just wondered if anybody was familiar with this vacuum, I called Sase and they said it's not recommended. Any thoughts?
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The company that made the vac doesn't recommend it for that application?
I thought they just made ride on scrapers, there's a video of a hardwood edger with the bull. 50 online, maybe the CFM is too low , I don't know how filters clean.
The question makes "zero"sense to me.
Maybe it should be a hepa vacuum due to releasing carcinogenic particles in the air or not enough cfm and not pulling all dust created into the vacuum. Hardwood refinishing guys would know the answer. Where are the carcinogens if any coming from when sanding, the urethane, wood fibers? I know cutting it is from the adhesive bonding engineered layers together, that's about as deep (shallow) I've looked into it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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