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Santa's Little Helpers LLC

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My name is Jeff. I own Santa's Little Helpers LLC in Tallahassee Florida. We perform commercial and residential repairs. I have been browsing the site for a few months now and hope to be able to contribute. We have been in business for about 11 years. Our primary advertising has been limited to telephone books and word of mouth but, it is time to grow. I will be working on a website soon and creating a wrap for our trailer. I look forward to learning from others as well as sharing a few things that I have learned along the way.
Jeff in Tallahassee
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Welcome Jeff, catchy name. Odd but catchy. G
Maybe it's just me, but the name "Santa's Little Helpers" doesn't exactly elicit thought of home improvement.
Toys, maybe, but not construction.

But welcome to the forum anyway!
I sold christmas trees many years ago to benefit the blind in Miami. Something about elves fixing things stuck. Most people have no idea what we do but, once they figure it out, they won't forget. There are too many handyman, maintenance, construction and repair companies. Today, a business has to stand out. It's not a name most would choose.
Jeff in Tallahassee
is this bob again? :whistling if not, welcome aboard Jeff
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Tie yourself in with the "Christmas In July" project and generate some great Word Of Mouth publicity, since there is a natural tie-in concept with the names.

By the way, welcome to the forum.

Do your "Elves" leave a batch of Christmas Cookies at the completion of every job? Maybe they should. It would generate another name tying buzz.

Welcome to CT Jeff, that's a catchy name. I sure won't forget it.
Wasn't santas little helper the name of Bart Simpsons dog?
No, I'm not Bob. Whoever that is.
I have eaten more cookies than I have left.
Unfortunately, many people think of the Simpson's dog.
Thanks for the warm welcome,
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