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Santa visited my shop today

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He came by and promised to come back with his big sled real soon and drop of this.

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You boys always make me laugh. :laughing: Thanks for that

We have been taking our edgebanding to a shop in the hood.

That is going to end real soon. Signed the order today.:thumbsup:

Pretty jazzed about it.
I have a hot air hand held bander and an iron also. so I guess it is a replacement for two tools.

We should be signing on to a very large job with a ton of slab doors next week and I just am tiered of hauling parts to another shop to get them banded.

We do some frameless work from time to time but cut parts for a few people and they will love that we have a bander. One guy can just about keep up with both machines, we hope anyway. So we can get more for our time while we cut parts.
still laughing:laughing:
Gus, the Brandt banders are pretty decent entry level banders. Are you dealing with Stiles for the purchase?

How heavy are you into 3mm banding? The reason I ask is that although sold as such these machines lack hogging motors which really stresses out the profile trimmers.If you are primarily only doing 1mm or HPL you don't need to worry about it.

After santa is done at your shop you can send him my long as he is in the gift giving mood.
We love this machine. All our banding has been getting done on a Brandt. Thats all they make is banders and that says something to me. It has all the right stuff, in a nutshell.

We don't mess with 3 mill tape.

The local rep is a Stiles distributor, yes Stiles

I am more jazzed about this than I was for the cnc.:thumbsup:
Thanks for all your tips, Bergy:thumbsup:
You ever work with a bander before?:laughing:

My partner ,Wayne, will be the bander boy. Not that I don't want to know all there is to know about it, I will immerse myself into it like all the tools and equipment. But we feel a bander should only be a one man woman and he has 20 years with them. I have none.

the reason i am more pumped for this than the cnc is that it was and is me that make that machine go. At the time I was switching over to Cabinet vision and taking on the machine all at one time. I needed to make it happen and the pressure I put on myself was pretty intense. I loved what the machine could do but getting there was not all of that easy for me. You could say the stress of the moment sucked some of the fun out of it.

This machine is just a candy bar for me. Wayne will do a great job with it and I'll go along for the ride. I like going for joy rides.:clap:

I love that you know so much and I'll use you when something comes up. I like the grease and glue tips. Thanks for all of it.:thumbsup:
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I think that is a big mistake Gus. You should have two guys learn the ins and outs of the machine. If per chance Wayne isn't around or for some reason disses you off you might be stuck. Always think of the future and the many roads it can offer. Nothing is set in stone.
I get what you are saying Leo.

That is not going to happen though. I'll learn all I need to know about this machine, you can count on that.

Wayne can,deserves and wants the lead on it. He is perfectly put together for it. By far the most meticulous guy I have ever worked with. I love him for it, he drives me crazy sometimes, but I'm thrilled to have him and excited that he gets to be in the lead on this machine.

The cnc coming in the shop was stressful for me. Yeah I was excited but overwhelmed with the new software program and all the in's and out's of the machine itself. I was more or less alone with that. Never worked with a cnc before, heck didn't even know what one was several years prior. Then put that kinda cash down and everyone looking at me to make it work. Not all fun and games.

I put an awful lot of pressure on myself normally. I really turned up the heat to come through for that.

This purchase is really pleasurable, thats about all I'm saying.
You'd love me to Gus. I am just as meticulous and a pain in the a$$ too. But I get it done, and I get it done the right way whether you want it done that way or not.

When I was working for others I was always the guy who took care of the machines. I never asked for the position, they could just tell by my work and demeanor that I was suited for the task.

I wonder if Wayne and I would get along. I bet he has some great stories to tell about you Gus. :whistling
I'm sure he would have a few things to say about me. Not as many as my other wife but plenty just the same.

I love Wayne like a brother. Thank god I found him, or he found me, which ever.

The guy is 100% Swiss. Mom and dad straight from the old country. He would build one hell of a watch. I love him for it and it drives me nuts sometimes. But I never have to worry about quality. How big of a gift is that?

Would you and him get along? Don't know. You both drive me nuts sometimes so you have something in common.:laughing:
I am impressed that you can take on such a financial responsibility with this bad financial times and all. It must be a sing of your good business practices.

I my self can't even afford a used busted slider but I am glad to see good sings of a recovering economy. Lets all drink to that :drink: .

Anyhow, how much is one of those with all the bells an whistles going for nowadays?
Thanks for the compliment. We are good savers. We don't owe anyone anything except the landlord at the end of the month. I can't deal with machine payments.:no:

All the bells and whistles we did not get. We got the entry level machine. It has the basics, double end trimmers, top and bottom trimmers and a buffing station.

All the bells and whistles would have a pre-mill station. That is where the machine mills off the tape thickness at the lead in with a couple of cutters, both cutting toward the center of the panel to avoid blow outs.

And a profile station that can radius the edge of 3 mill tape.

Those are in excess of 50k. Ours not that but still could buy a nice truck with the money we spent.
We had some fun today.

There is a picture so it does exist.:whistling
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Sexy machine... Do you have a smaller project to break it in--or jumping right into your big gig?
We should be able to do a couple little things then dive into the monster.:thumbsup:

Is that a hooka inside of that thing?
Me thinks you been smokin the peace pipe tonight.:whistling
I seen one of those things not too long ago.

Cracked me up to see a guy sucking on the end of that pillow looking thing.:laughing:
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