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Santa visited my shop today

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He came by and promised to come back with his big sled real soon and drop of this.

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Is this a new tool or just a replacement. Can't imagine having the CNC and have to do edge banding with an iron.
I have a Westinghouse edge bander.

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Stop your laughing, I'm serious. That is what I use to edge band. At first it was my wifes iron, then somehow it ruined some of her clothes and it became mine :whistling:

That and a j roller and a double edge hand trimmer. Only thing I need to edge band is shelving. I do a few frameless cabinets on occasion, but that is unusual.

Keep laughing.
It doesn't exist if there's no picture
The robot is still using my girly iron
I don't use the knee guard, they're uncomfortable.
I think that is a big mistake Gus. You should have two guys learn the ins and outs of the machine. If per chance Wayne isn't around or for some reason disses you off you might be stuck. Always think of the future and the many roads it can offer. Nothing is set in stone.
You'd love me to Gus. I am just as meticulous and a pain in the a$$ too. But I get it done, and I get it done the right way whether you want it done that way or not.

When I was working for others I was always the guy who took care of the machines. I never asked for the position, they could just tell by my work and demeanor that I was suited for the task.

I wonder if Wayne and I would get along. I bet he has some great stories to tell about you Gus. :whistling
1 - 8 of 39 Posts
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