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sanding problems- will primer then sand fix?

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Having a problem with the sander we use at the moment. He sands too much and lifts the nap of the drywall paper making the visual appearence a mess. Will sanding the primed walls a ceilings cut off the "fuzz", and give a uniform texture??
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Your number one remedy would be to dump the guy sanding or show him exactly what you expect on future jobs. Sounds like he's way over sanding or using a grit of paper that's way too course. Personally I use fabric backed 150 grit (and usually give a few good strokes on a concrete floor to knock down some of the grit before I use it on my taping). I've had the same piece on my sanding pole for about 6 months (they really last).

If priming and then sanding will remedy your problem I guess depends on how badly the sander burnt (that's what we call it) the paper. Have had some of my own jobs where the tape fuzzed in a couple of places and after priming, sanding and painting the finish coat, it was gone. I can see the primer soaking into the fuzz and hardening it, allowing you too sand it off. My concern would be if you might have to prime again (depending how much sanding you do).

As long as your taping is done well (the edges of your seams scraped hard to remove excess) there should be no reason to have this problem!!! One light stroke with a sander on the edge of the seam and you're done. Same with spotting nails/screws. One stroke over them should take care of any imperfections in the taping. Hope you can remedy your situation without a lot of trouble. :thumbsup: !!!
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