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is there any good company with good reputation around San Jose that you guy know. i need to replace my window and this is the size and Specification:
Double Loe2 140: with this material, the visible light trans 40%. SHGC .25, U factor .30, Fading transmision .16

for our frame will be Pure Vinyl with mark 5, all with grid

and the size of our window are list:
3 room 72x48 shape are xo
1 room 72x60 shape are xo
2 room 96x48 shape are xox
1 room 48x48 shape are xo
1 8ft patio door shape xo

with this information, what do i expect for reasonable amout for my new window.

One company quote all of this for 6500. i thinking is a ridiculos deal or what.

oh by the way, have anyone heard of Qualitex company, i try to search for it reputation but without any success. if any one know any information i will be very apperciate.

thank in advance.
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