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How do you approach new clients on cold calls?

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Sales pitch

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What's your sales pitch?

When cold calling what do you focus on?

What you can do for them? (i.e. I can save you $$)


What you have done and why they should hire you?
(I've worked on such and such)
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I don't cold call. But I do believe in getting to know my clients & paying attention to what they say, what they expect. Price is very rarely the final factor with the people I work for. Service & quality work are like a beacon around here & it draws more & more clientel.
If I'm soliciting, which I am (and that's why the poll) I don't feel like I can "just listen" because I sought them out. I interrupted whatever they were doing and so I feel like I need to sell.

Of course I listen... but it's a sales call I initiated, I should say something .... but what?
doesnt that depend on your market position?

what is your business strategy ? is it to sell fast and cheap and plenty of it or are you more interested in selling quality, that will answer your question

most people on here seem to focus their business on selling quality work for a higher tag but there is a market for cheaper work too especially with the current climate. a lot of people need work doing but cant afford to pay a premium
"Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you. Now if you'll just sign here and make that check out for $10,000, I'll get out of your hair.":clap:
"Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you. Now if you'll just sign here and make that check out for $10,000, I'll get out of your hair.":clap:
Ding ding ding ding ding.. we have a winner:thumbup:

Oh and BTW make that check out to my nick name.... cash
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Its all about how you approach the customer. Listen and let them know that you understand what they want.
I deal with professionals in real estate most of my customers have degrees in finance & business plus real estate training ... Leasing agents, property owners & managers.
All commercial and often Hi rise buildings. this is tough market in boom times now it's cut throat, these people have a keen interest in making the numbers work while at the same time upholding quality and covering their multimillion dollar investment.

I find my self doing a lot of name dropping ... commercial construction is very incestuous, every body knows every body and their big transactions, and so often the idea is if you throw out some names there's a good chance (80%) that there's some one or someplace in common.

"Oh, you guys rehabilitated the green monster in Santa monica? wow yeah we heard of that project ....etc.,"

I want a new approach.
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In cold calling, you have less than 30 seconds to make an impression.

Dont ever begin with "Hi, this is John and I am a local plumber who can save you money". CLICK!

First sentence should GRAB their attention (ie: NEED of theirs that YOU can fill). Second line should speak to who you are and your credibility. Third line is the closer ( special offer they cannot pass up or offer to come out for a free no pressure estimate).

Stand out, be heard and be different.

Good luck!
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