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Safety Training

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Our new Missouri House Bill 1549 has required all of our contractors and their subs who are bidding on municipalities to have mandatory OSHA 10 hr training.

Many aren't understanding the implications of this Bill and are putting themselves in potential jeopardy of legal ramifications. These companies need to get legal within 60 days of an award.

Our training classes fill up quickly, but we have more to train. Is it better to have multiple small groups per company or one huge training session?
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It is better to have an OSHA Outreach Trainer inside your own contracting company. :D

Seriously, if you play your cards right and have the right person in-house, for less than $2k you have an authorized trainer in-house that can go out to jobsites and hold the training. And our trainer wears other hats throughout the week as well (buyer, PM). But you have to have that magic mix of experience for it to work.

In the old days when we got outside training, we did it back in the shop, usually in groups of 8 or less. On biggies, like OSHA 10 and HAZWOPER, we'd break it up into multiple days. So Group A did something on two consecutive Fridays, Group B did it on two consecutive Thursdays, etc. But it got expensive, so we sent one of the buyer/PMs to train the trainer training at the local university. It helped that he had the safety experience from a prior employer. Ever since then, he's been our safety trainer. Powered lifts, fall protection, OSHA 10, confined space, etc.
Safety Classes

That's excatly what I was hoping to hear!:clap: I appreciate the input. Our program is set up like that, but I was questioning efficientcy... bravo ;)...
Construction competence scheme undermined by bogus certificates
Only days after New York City introduced new standards on construction safety training bogus certificates have been identified in the city where a number of high profile fatalities have occurred in the last 18 months.

A carpenter in possession of a fake card told the NY Daily News “I never received any training and never met the guy who signed it.”

Carpenters union organizer Thomas Costello said: “We believe bogus cards are all over the place. If OSHA (US HSE) and the Buildings Department can’t guarantee their integrity, what good is the law requiring them?”

The demand for safety training has increased in New York following introduction of a law requiring all workers hired at high-rise buildings begun after July 1 2009 to complete 10 hours of safety training.
Let me know if you know anyone who needs it. We have a very reputible program and business.

Anyway - I recieved this recall if you want to forward it on to anyone you know it may affect:
CPSC Recall DEWALT Framing Nailers​
The Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with DEWALT Industrial
Tool Co., of Towson, MD, has recalled the DEWALT D51825 and D51850 Framing Nailers.
The bump action trigger on the framing nailers may have been incorrectly assembled, which
would allow the nailer to eject a fastener unexpectedly or cause the trigger lock-off not to
function. This can pose a serious injury hazard to the user or bystander. No injuries to individual
consumers have been reported to date.
The recalled Framing Nailers were sold at wholesale distributors and retailers nationwide
from January 2008 through September 2008 for about $280. The recalled Framing Nailers are
those with model numbers and date codes listed below:​
Model Number Description Date Code Range​
D51825 Clipped Head Framing Nailer 20080249-20082749​
D51850 Full Round Head Framing Nailer 20080249-20082749
I'm all for safety but look at a lot of the courses as a scam to make money. I have a friend who took one and he knew more than the instructor:eek:
When our safe pass was first introduced here ten years ago I HAD THE SAME OPINION " what a waste of a day and a €150 ,useless I thought,but what was being done was establishing a base for everyone ,remember not everyone has the same level of safety awareness or experience of site work-contracting.

When I had to renew it five years later the course had changed and took 8hr to complete and an hour for the exam and was significantly more difficult,but as safety was being enforced on sites ,inductions for new starters and new sites the general awareness of safety was steadily rising ,now with out a safe pass ticket one won't even be allowed to make a delivery to a site, not to mind work on it ,everyone from office staff to apprentices,to tradespersons ,to management, No safe pass no job period.
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