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Safety Meeting

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Seems like almost everyday my framing crew calls for a safety meeting
at the back of the property, on the edge of a canyon that goes down to the ocean.
It's usally around 16:20 hrs, but sometimes it's earlier and more than once a day.
These "safety meetings" seem to be private, although I feel everyone (plumbers, electricians, concrete guys etc.)
should be invited since safety concerns everyone.
One of the framers has a large dog that barks at you if you even get within 20 feet of the crew.
I do notice quite a bit of smoke coming from the area, but they all smoke Marlboro reds and
carelessly toss their butts out.
Fortuately they should be done by next friday.
Should I look for a new framing crew, or just hope they don't burn the house down ?
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Leave them alone at their safety meetings. Those meetings are very important, and interuptions can lead to distraction.

The dog is a specially trained service dog, used to prevent distraction form unnecassary interuption.

Time is money you know....
All this time and only one bite. :laughing:
don't bogart that joint my friend... paaaaas it overrrr to meeeee...


yup, safety. they're usin roach clips so the fingers don't get burned...hehehe
Thats like when my painters sit in the van after lunch for 20 minutes and its smells weird when they come out.

Guess they're worried about safety too. I should pay them more for being so safe haha
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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