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Safety Glass...

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I am ordering windows for a customer, I have 14 in all, but I am a little unsure of myself on one point.

2 of the windows being replaced, a 8'0"x 6'0" and a 6'0"x 6'0" have are being replaced with 2 smaller windows each (basically 2- 4'0"x6'0" SH minus 2 1/4" a piece, and 2- 3'0"x6'0" SH minus 2 1/4" a piece. 3 2x4's for a mullion in between the windows.)

The windows are both within 18" of the floor so they will need to be tempered glass. Now for the kicker, does the whole window have to be tempered or just the active?? The 4'0"x6'0" SH will have a pane that is greater than 9 sq. ft so I would assume that these windows will need to be all tempered whereas the 3'0"x 6'0" once you account for the vinyl frame will only need the actives tempered. Am I right or wrong??
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At the minumal upcost of tempered just go tempered...
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