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I am doing my continuing education requirements for renewal of my unrestricted CSL license right now as I type this for the state of Massachusetts. Massachusetts is a pretty strict state when it comes to codes. As the new RRP law is refreshed in my memory I wonder who is actually following this rule? First off I agree with the rule but its a pain in the a**. Secondly who bothers to enforce it, no one does anything. Thirdly the only companies that are probably following this rule are established businesses with real full time employees. And fourthly I have yet to meet a customer who is willing to pay to do things right except on that b*ll***show Mike Holmes "make it right" where he throws all his fellow comrades (contractors) under the bus.

I drive by job sties all day long and see people simply not following the rules, is obvious. Jobs are being done on Saturday & Sunday when the building department is closed and the whole neighborhood is getting rained on by lead dust.

Do these people (the state) really expect me to believe that this rule is being enforced?

And has anyone ever called the building department or the EPA or whoever your suppose to call --to report a job they have seen being done where the rule was probably not being followed--better yet was it a job you priced out and lost? Now that is funny LOL! Its crossed my mind
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