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RRP Rule Lead

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I am doing my continuing education requirements for renewal of my unrestricted CSL license right now as I type this for the state of Massachusetts. Massachusetts is a pretty strict state when it comes to codes. As the new RRP law is refreshed in my memory I wonder who is actually following this rule? First off I agree with the rule but its a pain in the a**. Secondly who bothers to enforce it, no one does anything. Thirdly the only companies that are probably following this rule are established businesses with real full time employees. And fourthly I have yet to meet a customer who is willing to pay to do things right except on that b*ll***show Mike Holmes "make it right" where he throws all his fellow comrades (contractors) under the bus.

I drive by job sties all day long and see people simply not following the rules, is obvious. Jobs are being done on Saturday & Sunday when the building department is closed and the whole neighborhood is getting rained on by lead dust.

Do these people (the state) really expect me to believe that this rule is being enforced?

And has anyone ever called the building department or the EPA or whoever your suppose to call --to report a job they have seen being done where the rule was probably not being followed--better yet was it a job you priced out and lost? Now that is funny LOL! Its crossed my mind
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Skarrlette, do a search, here on CT, for RRP rule. I think you’ll find what you’re looking for :eek:
In MA, I've found the local Board of Health is the one who is enforcing the RRP rules. In the City where I live, the local BOH shut down over a dozen contractors in a week due to RRP violations...

The EPA just fined Lowes $500,000 on 4/17/2014 for violating RRP.
In MA the DOS are the ones enforcing the RRP rules. They are active in my area. I had an inspector stop by my house while it was being gutted. He wanted to know who was in charge. I was wearing my BIL's son's company shirt. I told him I was the homeowner and was in charge. I pulled the permit as a homeowner. He told me homeowner run jobs are exempt from the RRP. Who hoo. I was keeping it pretty tidy anyway. They are out there. From talking to this guy, they are trying to steer people in the right direction and will help more than hinder unless people are ignoring their responsibilities. Then the fines start up.
who's watching us in Mass.

I follow the EPA?RRP rule and it 's been working good for me, Any house built before 1978 that I go to I give the homeowner the talking too. When you explain it to them, they usually understand the added cost.

I have had the EPA and OSHA show up on my jobs and ask for certifications. I don't train my employees I send them to the RRP class
so they'll learn everything that needs to be done.

Don't take it lightly, I have never been fine or even warned. Do it right you'll sleep better at night.

Check the website:
This website has a ton of info. you can also see all the companies in Mass
that get caught.

An EPA inspector told me that they're procedure is to Pick a town or towns and check for open permits with the building dept. Then they do a drive-by looking for violations. OSHA & EPA work together on enforcement.

JUST SO YOU KNOW... Good luck not getting caught..
In our area RRP is a joke. We stay away from any pre 78 projects as I dont want the liabilitymof paperwork. I see contractors tearing a whole 1930's apart with out so much as a sheet od plastic. Even those that are lead certified, make a joke out of it. Theu put on a tyvek suit and call it good somit looks loke they are doing it correctly.

In the Lowes case they checked like 15 of 2500 stores for paperwork. Think how much there would have been if they checked allmof the stores.
I see guys not following rrp all day. That said, i would never call and make a complaint. First off, Its none of my business and being a rat isnt something i would like to be be labeled.
Second, up until 2010, even seasoned Pro's never followed it. If a customer hires a company who doesnt follow rrp, thats their problem, not mine. You mean to tell me more kids got lead poisoning in 2009 than they did in 2013 when the rule was in effect for 3 years? I think not. Its a money making machine, end of story.
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RRP Only requires you to follow the guidelines if you are assuming there is lead in that area. None of you know if they completed lead testing. If the project area has passed a certified lead test, there is no need to follow any of the rules.

I am not RRP certified nor will I ever be. We only do work on pre 1978 homes after passing a lead test completed by a certified company. If the project area fails, the testing company is also the abatement company and abates the project area. Once we get the all clear we proceed as usual.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that there aren't a ton of contractors ignoring RRP, but assuming that everyone you see proceeding on a pre 1978 as if all is okay, it just may be.
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