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RRP question here--

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When we do windows, our instructor taped plastic on the wall about a foot from the floor and then 6 ft out on the floor.
The plastic doesnt have to touch the window stool?
If its an interior install, do we still have to lay 10 ft of plastic outside?
Are you guys just using " painters blue tape" to secure the plastic?
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If I remember right, would have to look in the handbook for sure, but I am thinking you do. Although if you are just removing the sash and not touching the out side then maybe not. If you still have your handbook look in it. If in doubt do it.
I don't know what "doing windows" is.
more info please.

What exactly is the scope of the work
No it doesn't in most cases & quite simply would be more of a hindrance than a help.
Yes if you are disturbing any paint outside - one trick is to install the plastic on the trim keeping your containment area inside the building
Another good reason to consider this (if possible) is if you are within 10 feet of the property line you would also have to install vertical containment (Work Practices)
So the plastic doesnt have to go up the wall to the window stool?
Are you using blue painters tape?
They recommend 6 ply plastic, can we use any plastic?
What kind of wipes are you using? Are there any wipes sold at home depot?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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