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I don't have a shaper or power feed, but have a few work-arounds that make the most of the router table.

Good wood really helps... for paint grade I like Yellow (tulip) Poplar (Lirodendron tulipifera).

That reminds me of a story. I must look like a really dumb hired-hand, because sometimes when I'm working in a house the "suits" will wander through (the banker or developer, etc.) and they treat me like a 4 year-old. One guy asked, "So what kind of wood are you working with there?" (like you might ask a kid "so what is your favorite color?"--one of those soft lobs for sizing up a dimwit.

So I answer the "suit," That is Lirodendron tulipefera, commonly known as Yellow-poplar, but it is not actually a true poplar... rather than a member of the poplar family, it is a Magnolia." The guy looked like a deer in headlights.:w00t: I went back to work with a grin and he ambled on looking for someone else to toss a crumb to.

Anyway, I use a couple of feather boards and a Ridgid FlipTop for outfeed support and I try to feed just like I'm a power feeder. Oh, and I hog-out as much as possible on the tablesaw first:


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I have played that game hundreds of times to make short run custom molding. Using the tablesaw, router, router table, shaped hand planes and sanding you can produce a lot of different profiles.

I like your comeback to the suit. Should of asked him if he could calculate the 5th payment of a $140K loan that was 6.5% APR compounded twice daily. I just love to see the deer in headlights look.
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