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roofing tool help

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grumpy it is a slap stapler that holds a regular roll of roofing coil nails you load it just like a nail gun but you drive the nails by hand by slapping it down just like a stapler for felt has a gauge and everthing realy neat but no one know what i am talking about heck i think i was dreaming it sometimes
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I saw this product on HGTV a few years ago, and have never been able to locate one. I did some research and found that you have to buy their nails for it. I think it would be best suited for repairs or where a lot of nails are not needed, but even with repairs, you have the last row of nails that you could not use this tool with without risking damaging the shingle or nailing throuhg them. both are no-no's.
But can you really sink a nail in one hit? Is the back side like a regular hammer if ya gotta sink it a bit more?

I could see promise to a weapon, err I mean tool like this.
They did it on TV, but I have not been able to actually locate one.
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