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Labor Guarantee
1. If no guarantee is specifically indicated on the proposal, no warranty is offered.
2. In addition to any separate warranty that may be extended by the material manufacturers, COMPANY. may guarantee the work against defects for a period of time as indicated on the proposal, commencing from the date of completion.
3. COMPANY. may guarantee waterproofing materials will remain waterproof and all materials will remain intact.
4. If aCOMPANY. will fix the defect at no charge to the Purchaser within three weather permissible business days.
5. Service must be obtained by means of written notice to Company, Inc. identifying the original work performed, the date of the job completion, and the nature of the problem.
6. This guarantee covers leaks caused by defective workmanship and does not include leaks cause by: Obstruction of proper drainage; Excessive or unusual wear on the installed materials; Any changes made to the installation by any person other than COMPANY.; Any acts of extreme weather that are covered by insurance; Improper maintenance of the installed material.
7. If COMPANY. investigates a guarantee issue and finds the problems to be unrelated to our work or not covered by the scope of this warranty, service charges may apply for the diagnosis and repair.
8. This guarantee is automatically invalid and void if any payments are past due. Any damage that occurs during a period of invalidation is not covered under this guarantee even after final payment has been made.
9. This warranty is transferable only with written notice to COMPANY. of intent to transfer and new warranty holder's contact information.
10. This warranty is only valid if accepted in entirety. This warranty is accepted as a whole or not at all.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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