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So for the last 2 days ive done nothing but shingle. My go to gun is my bullet proof bostitch. It might be me but it has alot of recoil. It has always helped me glide alone when nailing.

Today driving home my hand and my wrist are getting real sore from useing the gun.

Do all bostitch guns have a recoil when shot? How are the other guns out there?

I got alot of roof left to do still

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I destroyed my elbow with that gun. It got to the point a fee years ago I couldn't even pick my arm up, it was just so weak. After months of therapy I could use it again. I just learned how to use my left hand so I switch back and forth.

Our Lowe's is getting the new sencos in and the Hitachis are marked down to 250. I might pick up a few of those, and try them out. I have 4 or 5 of the bostitch

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I find the bostitch real springy too, and I hate the stupid loading mechanism, but the guys seem to like them. I use a max superroofer, bit heavier but no recoil and completely bulletproof. 4 years of 60-100 roofs a year and never an issue, other than a broken plastic trigger that I fixed with crazy glue.

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I never noticed a big recoil on the Bostich.

I use both Hitachi and Bostich and the Bostich has more power at the same psi.

The recoil I assume you are referring to is the bounce when shooting a nail? The only issue I have had has been when I get stuck with nails that are too long for the application.

1-1/4" should handle any new construction or tear off (might like to have some 1-1/2" for caps)

If you're shooting 1-1/2" try 1-1/4". Especially if you are roofing over Advantech or T&G SYP, both are harder than other substrates.
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