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roofer problems - long but need advice, thanks

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I'm posting as a client, not a roofer, but thought you all could help me with a reality check here. Hired an experienced roofer to replace the 40 year old roof on a simple small uninsulated cabin. The ceiling of the cabin was the 1/2 inch plywood of the roof itself, so at one point last year we had discussed insulating it from the top (i.e. under the new shingles) but passed on that option for now. The interior of the cabin (and the bare plywood ceiling) was totally visible through the plate glass doors and skylight, not to mention when a piece of rotting plywood was removed from the roof to replace.

Here is the quote: "The price for just doing the roof with no insulation would be $3900.00. That includes a 30 year architectural shingle, ice shield, 30# felt paper, drip edge, new flashing, ridge vent and removal of all roof debris. Any rotten plywood found would be replaced at $40 per sheet"

I check on the job a few hours into it (applying felt paper), and he casually mentioned that "he didn't realize" that the roof was the ceiling, and btw, the nails are protruding into the living space. The nails were sticking out of the ceiling at least an inch or two. I told him that was unacceptable, and after much discussion he pulled the nails, reused the same felt paper (he said he caulked it) and stapled the paper in. We discussed what would be used for the shingles. He claimed his nail gun would not fit nails shorter than an inch, and no nail gun exists for nails shorter than an inch so he would try inch nails the when he returned ina few days. Rather than test it out with a sample first, he showed up with his crew of FIVE only to discover that one inch nails were still too long. After discussion he drove to get 3/4 inch nails to hand nail while his crew sat around.

OK, so right now the first question is: whose responsibility is it to know what depth the plywood is and what size nail to use? He felt it was the client's responsibility to pay for the overtime (he charged two hours overtime at - yes - $150/hr) and for all the "extra" nails. I feel is he is a professional he should know what tools and materials to use and I shouldn't have to pay for his mistakes. Nothing about the job or our requests had changed since he had given his estimate. Yes, I guess we assumed nails would not protrude into the living area (it's a low ceiling, btw).

There's more about replacing plywood that I won't even go into. Let's just say he put a filthy used piece of plywood into the ceiling over the fireplace.

OK, we decided to just eat the extra $400. he was charging and asked for an itemized invoice/warranty in order to pay. When we checked out the roof it seemed there was no new flashing on the existing skylight and metal chimney (the same chimney where the plywood had been replaced due to rotting). So we also asked if he'd replaced the flashing. For three emails he delayed the process and ignored the questions about both the invoice and the flashing, just insisting we pay him. Finally he told us the flashing was "fine" (i.e. he did NOT replace it) and also that he would not give us an itemized invoice/warranty until after we paid in full. Oh, he also left no extra shingles behind.

The roof was put on less than two weeks ago, and he is now threatening to use a collection service unless we pay up right away. All we want is a proper invoice itemizing the work that was done and including his warranty as well as the shingle warranty, and new flashing as promised.

What do you pros think of this? Is this how things are done? Btw, the entire roof was low pitch, one level, and about 40 x 25.
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Also should add that the reason he had a crew of 6 (including himself) is that he was apparently en route to a larger job that day and it seems he was slamming this one out in between as quickly as he could. A crew of 6 seems like overkill for a 25 x 40 roof, and yet he charged us for their overtime while he went nail shopping. is designed for professional contractors to discuss issues and topics with each other related to the construction and remodeling industries.

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