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Roof question

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Hello all, I have a roof question , just started a house, the main span is
59'2", the front is on a 9/12, the back is on a 8/12, I haven't put a roof on
With the commons on different pitches on forever, what is the easiest way to calculate the rafter lengths.? The front is also 12" higher the the back wall. Thanks.
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To be fair, i did sort of cheat :whistling
Still trying to wrap my head around the mathematical portion of it.. Little bit of screwing around and it will make sense. :thumbsup:
I would just build the walls and then get out a string line
Yes , I like the ones that have to sit down and figure on, but had never been on one quite like this, we got most of the walls lined yesterday, and rained us out today, should get to the roof in a few more days , weather permitting ,
If i had the space and resources available i would be tempted to snap the end walls full scale and ballon frame them.. Rafters figured out too.. still cheating.
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I run into this with guys who mostly only do trusses.
Careful now!

I do a lot of truss frame roofs. Some of them are uber complicated. I also pride myself on doing some crazy stick work. Often times, both on the same house. I hate the misconception that people who do a lot of truss roofs are somehow inferior carpenters.
No offense intended, Warren. I can tell enough about your abilities just from your posts on here. A couple years ago we had some itinerant framers from Utah that had framed throughout the West, but had only done trussed roofs. I had to give them a lesson so they could frame a simple hip roof for a porch on front of a trussed house.

This has always been a stick-built town, but I can see it changing quickly yearly now.

Great, now I prolly pissed off Ninja!
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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