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Once that I have ripped the carpet out of the bathroom and everything with it. Vacuumed and sweep the floor. I would like to know if I need to mop the floor with anything to get that glued foam streak off of the concrete? Or is scraping with a puddy knife sufficient?

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It's a cement subfloor?
Did someone use some sort of adhesive for the foam pad beneath the carpet?
I'd use a floor scraper and some goo gone or similar liqui-release. I try to use mechanical means to clean cement slabs of prior adhesive.
You really want a floor, especially a cement floor that is going to recieve tile directly on top of it, clean of any dirt, goo, and grime.

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getting floor read for tile

well you should always start of with clean floor if you working with cement floor use a belt sender to clean carpet pad glue and other stuff like left on floor by painters and texture people ones that is done sweep floor or vacuum real good that is most of time is good enough i usually damp mop it also sometimes. or have a sponge next to you while spading the thing set Little dampness is ok and use flex base thing set. if subfloor is wood then use cement boards just remove high spots and fasten down board according to instructions, I was at home depot other day they got this new stuff peals and sticks looked like foam bobbles comes in sheets, i would think with this product screwing subfloor down firt real good so grout line wont crack right a way good luck by FLOORS WE DO. com :thumbsup:
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