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Kit includes ridged part #s : 21893, 21898, 20973, 22173
manufacturers specs:
Locator sells for $2,273.04 new
Inductive clamp sells for $457.20 new
"Brick" transmitter sells for $825.31 new.
Case sells for $130.82 new

$3686.37 total to buy this kit new.

An absolute steal at $2000.00. This is a spare I've had sitting in the shop for years. It's only been used a few times (less than 5). Trouble is my main units are so damn reliable I never needed the backup. Sick of looking at it in my shop. This is a fantastic piece of equipment. My main unit has made me hundreds of thousands over the years which is why I've been so reluctant to sell the backup unit. If you know what this is and how to sell work with it, this should be a no brainer purchase.


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