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ridge board support

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Hi, I am a HI contractor in MD. The bulk of my jobs are interior, finished basements, theater rooms, and I am adding a screened porch to my house 8'x13'. The house is early 1800, log walls and chinking covered in vinyl. I'm looking for a way to support the ridge board on the house side, it runs smack in the middle of the chimney, also early 1800, soft brick. I'd rather not run a single post from slab to bottom of the ridge. Any ideas?


Chas Burke
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order a handful of trusses and be done with it. If you do interiors you will waste tons of time figurin' the rafter cuts.

What did the drawing spec that you gave to the Twp for the permit?
The rafters themselves will hold up the ridge. Are you using collar ties? Ceiling joists, or is it cathedrial? Hence the need to support the ridge.
Thanks Mike C, I thought they might, I'll use collar ties, as well

Chas Burke
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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