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I have been planning a move from NJ for a while now, recently I have found a piece of land. I will not ask you to answer "how much" publicly but a PM would be nice to help me with determining if this is a go or no-go. I know every market and even neighborhood will have varing pricing but there are a few unknows for the Chesterfield County/ Midlothian area I need to figure out.

Septic and Well general red button please.

Why are there so few homes with basements?

Any suprise fees that will pop up at the county/construction/zoning offices? what is proffer and proppers or whatever its called?n

Lot clearing- is there a ask before you cut policy? NJ has tons of rules for this.

Although I do not have the VA liscense YET, can I as the homeowner, apply for the permit.

What code do they use in the area, IRC?

Do they run on a Twp or county level for inspectors?

Thanks for your help.
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