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restaurant work

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I just moved to Philly and I am working on a lease for an outlet in a food court. The place in on concrete and I need to have floors, countertop, and kitchen equipment placed. Also I need to have signage in place. Loans are hard to get but the place have a potential. I need a contractor who will accept monthly installments and I will be working as part of the crew as well. My money now is 20K. Is it possible to have this job done now or I am just dreaming.

How much it will cost per sqf
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If you need a simple 12 foot exhaust hood, duct, exhaust fan, makeup air and some gas work, suppression system, extinguishers, probably you are already out of money. And unless you have experience, you will just get in everyones way while you "help".

Did you start with the health department for their regulations on that space? Then contact an experienced commercial kitchen contractor for kitchen requirements. Then you can contact a GC for the rest of the building.
I think this is part of help wanted. By posting a link what exactly do you want to prove? If you have something constructive to say go a head otherwise you are just a nit picker
True, but the forum is for contractors only. I think my original reply & the one above from Fireguy is about the bulk of the help you can realistically get at this moment. Most of us are good at what we do, but we are not miracle workers. You have so much missing information it's not even funny & you definitely don't have enough money. That is one reason most restaurant franchisers require that you have at minimum 100k of working capital to use - most require 250 to 500 because that is how much it costs to get setup & fully running.

Sorry but your buildout (walls, elect, plumbing, signage) is generally worked into your lease using building mgmt only approved contractors - equipment can be leased - most legit contractors will not allow you to help out, the liability would be to high & you would slow them down - costing you more money than you would save

In case you move on to a restaurant forum or any other one - double posting is frowned upon
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