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Responsibility for jobsite materials

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I'm taking a break and building a deck at my own house which has created a situation that is making me think about job site materials.

I just had 2100 ft of Brazilian walnut decking dropped in my driveway, nothing stopping it from walking away but the quality of the neighborhood I guess.

Got me thinking, about having materials dropped in the driveway of a customers house and the liability of who is responsible for them should some of them mysteriously get up and walk away.

Does anybody cover themselves with a waiver? I'm thinking maybe it should be something discussed with the homeowner and have them sign a waiver, letting them know if there is no way to store materials on their site in the garage or somewhere safe that they acknowledge that they are responsible for the materials and replacement of any if they happen disappear. Some of this stuff is expensive and I don't want to replace it.
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I'm a remodeler - - and the possibility of getting materials stolen has always been a worry. Even if you did get the customer to take the responsibility, once something happened you would still be the 'bad guy'. You know how that goes.

What I do to solve the problem, is I get the materials for the whole job delivered to my fenced/gated/locked back yard, and I pull what materials I need each morning (or the night before). Yes, I have too handle them an 'extra' time, but to me, it's the best overall solution, and I sleep good at night.
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