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Residential repaint

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Some pics of a recent repaint we did. And remember, I DON'T pick the colors ;)
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yea the orange... but it is well done. Looks good. :Thumbs:
I must say the orange is a nice colour.......But then i am a gurl lol
*Whines.* Why does the orange on this wall look different then the orange on that wall? Did you make sure you stirred the paint? LOL
That's some orange!
I was checking out the tarps. You should tell the drycleaner to take it easy on the starch. LOL
WOW, ya'll breathed life in an old dead thread.
Teetor, upon viewing it again myself, I do believe that was a brand-new 12' X 15' fresh out of the wrapper. Hence the fold marks everywhere.

I only like starch in my paste.
I was on the road for 14 hrs. today, missed that it was a revival.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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