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The company I build for is exclusive to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, building the highest quality, fully customizable, luxury residences available. The demand for our product has swollen past the industry standard and has left myself and other builders in constant need of more qualified labor trades.

Currently, I have 4 slabs sitting and waiting for good framing crews with countless more in the pipeline. All of our builders are in the same situation. We are all builders that you want to work with. We pay our contractors on time and since our demand is extreme, we are paying far above standard per foot rate for our caliber product. We are extremely detailed when communicating expectations as well as getting our redlined plans ready to minimize mistakes and lost time on the job. Our take offs are tight but any extra material needed to complete the job is easily and quickly attained so no time is lost. Please respond if you are interested in an opportunity for steady, beyond great paying frame work or if you have any suggestions as to where I could have some luck finding potential trade partners.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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