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Someone suggested I add a Siding, Windows and Doors topic to our forums. Hopefully this will attract even more users to our discussions.

If you have any friends that you think may benefit from this new topic, be sure to let them know!

If you have an idea for the board send me an email and I'll see what I can do at: [email protected]

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hmmmm, maybe this topic wasn't needed afterall. :rolleyes:

i just found your chat room and hope to see some coments on window replacement i 'm a remodeling contractor . My crew and i have been doing a lot of metal rip outs and trying to find an easier way then crow bars and saws alls any advice is welcome thank you HFW (NJ)
Actually saws-all is about the best way you can go. We don't use crow bars but we do use pry bars :)

Pop off the molding, run the saws-all along the fasteners and the window unit should slide right out with a little persuasion from the prybar. How long does it take you to remove each window?
Window Removal

to remove the windows time wise depends on the material . We are running into asbestos that has to be cut with a grind blade to exspose the flange they take around 45 minutes to install cap and cleanup. the ones that are behind the sidind alluminum to cut and finish about 30 minutes . The ones in brick depends on how many nails the person had in thier hand when they installed them .I ran into one yesterday that was nailed every 2-3 inches and the flange was about 3'' wide . that one took about 45 minutes just to remove but thier was only 12 of them and we had spot lights to cap with. henry
I wouldn't even touch an asbestos cutting job... but your times seem about average.
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