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Replumbing my own house

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I'm not a plumber. I've been around some good ones and learned a couple things. My house needs all new plumbing and I decided to go with pex and use watts plastic quick connect couplings and elbows n all that ****. I just wanted opinions and experiences you've had. (I know copper is the best but I'm poor as ****)
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You'll save a ton of money using the crimp rings instead of the connectors.
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I'll go with the crimp then. Thanks for the advice and not telling me I'm an idiot and go hire a plumber.
I'm the last guy to tell you you're an idiot and go hire a plumber. I am also as broke as sh!t and trying to fix the house. We fixed all the plumbing and replaced ti with PEX earlier this year. I replaced the bad copper with pex and used Sharkbites because I was too cheap to buy the crimper. Then we had a hard long freeze and it blew most of them and I had to redo it.

This time I just bit the bullet and bought the heavy duty crimper from HD. What a good idea those things are. Quick and simple and you know you have a good connection. Today I'm adding an outside faucet so I can shock the well and it will take all of 5 minutes. It will take me longer to find which toolbag has the plumbing stuff than it will to do the work.

If you know a plumber, I would see if you can trade out the drain work, but for running the PEX, it is easy. It may not be purty, and mine is probably a bit unorthodox, but if it gets water where you need it, you're good. I am lucky in that it all goes under the house and up. Nothing in the walls for more than a foot or so.
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