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Replumbing my own house

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I'm not a plumber. I've been around some good ones and learned a couple things. My house needs all new plumbing and I decided to go with pex and use watts plastic quick connect couplings and elbows n all that ****. I just wanted opinions and experiences you've had. (I know copper is the best but I'm poor as ****)
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Forget those plastic connectors, and buy a crimping tool, I think I lonely paid $45 for mine.
Well yeah, but you're going to drop pressure on any connector, and that's why you size pipe correctly, a guy on here had an excellent video on pipe sizing
Get the ratcheting crimper, it's easier on your hands
I do everything on my own house, except I had my hvac guy do my furnace and ac, but I "helped"
greg24k said:
Get a plumber, because there is no one to blame but yourself if something goes wrong :laughing:
If rather be blaming myself then try to track down a plumber that dropped of the face of the earth
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