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I have a 3 bedroom w/2 bath rental here in Southern California. It has 2 exisitng wall furnaces that I want to replace as I am doing some other repairs on the rental. One of the units is standard and the other is a back-to-back (wall heater serves both sides of the wall).

Frankly the wall heaters have seen there better days as it is almost 50 years old. The exisitng opening is 14" (standard between 2"x4" wall framing) and the height is 58". The exisitng flue/vent also has an additional grill located on the living room side (see photo) meant to provide some more heating as the furnace vents through the roof and the blue & cold sky above.

What is the most econonical solution? Does any manufacturer make an "old school" wall heater without the need for 115VAC? The old unit was rated at about 35,000 BTU.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions. The last time I physically replaced a wall heater was, as I now recall, in about 1977 so I know much has changed, or then again maybe little, lol.

Don the Builder


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