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Replacing shower/bath fixtures

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I just want to get an average price for doing this sort of job. Just replacing a shower head fixture, two nozzles, and a bathtub faucet, all in the same shower
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We charge $312 per nozzle, $254 per water shooter outer and $396 per bathtub water maker higher.

Hope that helps some. Let us know how that compares to what you were thinking.
bath fixtures

I was thinking more like $100-$150 for the whole job
:eek: Wow.

How the heck can replace a water shooter outer for even just that? :blink:
Don't forget the upcharge for those big rain shower squirters. They are bigger.

Also, upcharge for chrome fixtures. Much harder to install because you have to watch to not get finger prints all over them.

Seems like you're a bit low on your bid there....
Oh c'mon...nobody's gonna say it???

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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