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Replacing hollow metal door frames in masonry openings

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I've got a job coming up that involves frame removal from masonry openings. I've allowed a day for 2 guys to do a complete frame, door, and hardware unit swap. We are using thru-bolt frames and then pumping them full of mortar. What do you think, can I get one done in a day. Also might be lookin for an installer. Western Maryland area.
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I can usually tear out a masonry frame in an hour. Another hour to get the replacement anchored. Then the fun begins. I hate grouting frames! I seal them real well and let that dry for 2 days if possible. Brace things real well and fill it half full in the AM then the rest in the PM. Try to grout them all at one time. Overall I think you are about right with one per day, but it won't really be one start to finish each day.
I am in Utah so no help from me accept here on the inter web. Good luck.

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Thanks for the input. Do you have any tricks on removing the old frames, I don't want to damage the wall? Do you cut the frames and use a pry bar? Any other advise.
Do you have any special arraignment for filling the frames with grout? Hand pump through hole in frame etc.
I use a very sharp chipping bit in the hammer drill and split it right at the bend in the stop. This and some ply bars and sometimes you do damage the block. I have a grout pump. It is hand pumped but quite efficient. I cut holes in the head of the frame and weld and bondo them. Kenrich is the pump brand I think.
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I use a demo saw with a masonry diamond blade that is an older worn blade. I make a horizontal cut through the jamb 2' from the floor and 1' from the lintel on both sides, and remove the pieces with a sledge hammer.

Not too bad to do. but very aggressive, and messy
I split the frame from floor to head near stops with a gas chop saw and metal blade. Seal the frame to masonry,let cure. As mentioned a kenrich pump is great. Also,cut several 2" x 6" spreaders before grouting.I notch them to straddle the stops.
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