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replace or repair Infinity carrier unit

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Advice needed. I have 2 carrier infinity units, 5 years old. Service man believes they were hit by lighting or power surge. Neither thermostate would light up, even thou they had power going to them. The board in the exchanger (hope that is the right name for the inside unit). had a yellow blinking light. After he removed the thermostat to check for power, he could not replace it with out blowing the 5amp fuse on the board. He found a burnt wire in the disconnect box. He cut off the end and replaced it. Out side units came on even thou the thermostat was disconnected. They said they cannot tell what parts are bad, and would have to replace them one by one untill every thing worked propertly (part A, and hope it would fixed, if not move on to part B. They would keep replacing parts, VERY Exspensive, until fixed. OR I could replace inside units and keep the outside units. This does not sound right to me. Is there no way to check each part and only replace the broken ones. Does Carrier have any one who could come and check the units. Now if I need to replace units I do not think I want carrier due to their POOR customer service, what brand do you recommend. Any suggestions will be greatly appresheated. :thumbup:I spoke with a carrier rep. when looking to purchase these units, all they would say is contact our rep. and gave me a name and number. I know I got a bad install, paid for heat strips that were not installed. No one from carrier would help me. He did not register the units for warrenty. When I fould out I got the information and registered the out side units and the thermosts, I did not know the inside units had to registed seperatly and carrier did not inform me of that so inside have no warrenty. I think Carrier sould know more about the people who sell their products as this man knew nothing and was a crook to boot.
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If it were me, I would hire an electrician that specializes in more than "pulling rope" that could test each part of the system and through the process of elimination find the culprit. I would think that within 2 hrs max he/she could diagnose the problem ( possibly repair) and u would be able to fix this without throwing parts at it. In my experience, sometimes the guys sent out to diagnose/repair these units don't know enough about how these electrical systems work to find a problem. They just want to throw parts at it. It might be worth spending money on an electrician to find your smoking gun.
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Thank You.. never thought of that. I am convinced the service people do not know how to work on the fancy units, and Carrier is no help. just spent 1 hour on the phone trying to find out if any one had special equipment to diagnose the problem. If you were getting a new unit what would you get. what brand and model. Infinity is good but only if some one knows how to work on it. Just because some one represents carrier does not mean they know anything.
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Somebody should know how to troubleshoot your setup. Perhaps, the infinity series isn't so standard, but tracking a short should not be all that difficult. The Carrier people, I would think would be more responsive, as this type of stuff can hurt their rep greatly.

In regards to replacement gear, brand A,B,C, are all about the same. Personally, I like brand G :) but that's another story. You want to stay away from anything that has "proprietary rights" on their gear. Usually, supply is lacking with parts, and availability of knowledgeable people, should something go wrong, are hard to come by, as well.
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Busted nuckles: What would the electrican be looking for. A short in the equipment, wireing going to the equipment. I have to try and find one that has some knowledge of where to look. I live in an area that finding a expert in any field is hard.
I am not familiar with infinity controls, but, likely, there is a main controller inside the furnace. What is the problem? blowing fuses or heat pump always runs?

I am under the impression that since removing the thermostat, fuses don't blow anymore, but heat pump always runs when indoor unit is powered. If so, remove the control wiring to the heat pump, at the outdoor unit, and check voltages at the control wiring. At this point, only one wire should be "hot". If more than one wire is hot, the problem is likely a sticking relay on the control board inside.
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Fix it,
I have a really good electrician in my area who I call for problems just like you are having. He can wire houses, fix generators, work on material placement conveyors and their electrical systems. Finding someone who knows how to think outside the box is key here. I would start with the supply power and thermostat wiring. Start with the easy stuff. I was always taught to never overlook the obvious. I'm sure u will find the problem with proper diagnosis
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There are only 3 main controls on your system. 1 The Infinity controller(thermostat), 2 the indoor units board, and 3 the outdoor units board.

Its only 4 wires that connect them to each other.

Lightening strikes are often covered by home owners insurance.
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