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Replace door but not the sidelights

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Has anyone replaced an entry door, jambs and sill while keeping the existing sidelights? It is looks like a 20 year old steel door with 2 sidelights. The aluminum sills are separate with one long threshold extension attached to the front. I'm just not sure if you can pry the trim off between the door and lites, and replace just the door/jambs/sill. Anyone tried this?
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Waste of time IMO. The sidelites are attached with corrugated staples--by the time you dug them out-inserted the new door -re trimmed the joint and figured a way to install the thresh extender your labor will be higher than the cost of a new door with lites.

It will look like a cobbled up mess-customer will not be pleased. DON'T GO THERE.--MIKE
Thanks Mike. Good advice.
You're welcome.
Every time I've let a customer talk me into doing something wrong,,It has bitten me in the butt.
If you take the time so that
it finishes out well, your time
should equal the price of
two new doors.
Definitely sound advice, Mike . . . :thumbsup:
Why are you replacing the door, jamb and threshold? Is the jamb beyond repair? Threshold?

Why not just install a new slab door??
We recently replaced a front door with two sidelights and a transom. Door and sidelights were trashed, but we were able to re-use the transom. With the new energy credits, the transom is not eligible for the credits anyway, so gotta figure thats 30% right there.
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