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Repair a fusible switch

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To all,

I've got a customer with a Sylvania (GTE) QSF 20 Fusible Panel Switch (pic attached) which won't allow the handle to be rotated to the "on" position. The knife switch mechanism inside is operable, the problem is isolated to the handle mechanism. The lockout slide moves freely but the handle won't. The customer doesn't want the expense of a rebuilt/used unit nor do they want the downtime to R&R the switch (I know, it's a dumb position - they'll come around eventually). I looked for a way to take the handle apart, but counldn't find one. Anyone ever work on one of these?
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Being as you are a GC in Texas, I am sure you are aware that a license is required for installation and repair of electrical equipment. Without seeing the switch there is no way to tell if it can be repaired safely. Have your EC take a look at it.
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