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I'm looking at a ceramic floor project on new construction. Being an 'old timer' I'm not sure the floor system will support the finished job. Here's the specs: New 20x20 porcelian tile in 12'x20' kitchen and dining area. TJI 230 joists spanning 15' with Huber/Advan Tech subfloor. The joists are completly accessable in basement if any 'beefing up' is required. Any feedback appreciated, THANKS!:confused1:​
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Are you new to forums? There is an "Introductions" area here.

You'll get much better results when we know you're a contractor and how long you've been one, etc. Homeowners typically post questions instead of introductions first. Just FYI.
Your best bet is to get the manufacturer's info off the side of the TGI's and contact them directly and give them the info on span and spacing. They'll be able to tell you what they were engineered for. My own feeling is that 15 feet might be a bit of a span for large format, but they'll be able to tell you better.
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