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Removing siding and Re-Insulate wall

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I have been been renovating homes for a about 5 years doing just about everything for the exception of roofing (I always sub my roofing jobs) Anyway i got a call from one of my old customers and he wants me to replace the siding on the rear wall of his home and replace 9 windows facing his pool the area is about 40 x 18 which is not a problem however he requested that i replace the insulation behind the siding in the walls with new insulation to make the home more energy efficiant. I told him it wouldnt be a problem. Now what i have in mind to complete the job is to remove the siding and then remove the plywood that covers the back wall and remove the old installation. I would then replace with new installation renail the old plywood(replace as needed) and then re wrap the wall with some insualltion board and felt then the siding.

Am i doing this right? Is there an easier way to do this? The house was built in 82 if that matters. removing the drywall is not an option. I dont mind doing the work the customer doesnt mind paying for it but I dont want the customer to think i am trying to screw him over by doing unneeded work. Can anyone give some advice on how to correctly do this job it would be appreciated.

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You don't mention where your from so it's hard to tell how much insulation you need. Are the walls 2x4 or 2x6? I wouldn't count on using the old sheating, it will be alot of headaches to remove and re attach it without damaging it. Just do yourself a favor and use new sheating, you siad it was only the back of the house so the price shouldn't be huge and you should save the extra cost by saving time by not having to be carefull taking it off. Also depending on where you are and what insulation you use in the walls you shouldn't need the extra insulation board on the outside. I don't use felt either, I use a tyvek material. Sounds like you might have jumped into something without really knowing what needs to be done.
I agree with Platinum, but without more details who knows

Now how about 2 things from you? An intro in the appropriate area & your location in your profile
I am located in Houston, Tx... the Wall is built with 2 x 4. Yeah i did sort of get myself into something with out knowing, but everyone has at one point or another. If there werent in hurdles in this biz then everyone would be doing it, its about pulling all the resources you have at your disposal to make things work. Well i havent submitted the bid the customer yet. He wants to do it after i complete a 12 x 28 tool shed i am building for him first. Id really like to avoid removing all that plywood, and steer him towards something that will benefit both of us. Something that will insulate his home and meet his desired results and of course something cost effictive because i going to charge him a good amount for that project. Its re doing the entire back wall for the execption of the framing when its all said and done.

I am new to the site so i havent updated my profile but will do so soon. Vast amount of info can be found in the forums which is great!
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Av how are you going to attach the insulation?
What i don't understand, is why remove the insulation in the walls? Especially when doing it from the outside.

If you take the old siding off, and the house wrap, than just put XPS board over the existing plywood, than side over that.

You will still have your same R-Value in the wall cavity's with an added extra of the XPS board.

Also, spray foam the cavity's instead of the batt or cellulose insulation already in the walls.

If your not sure or haven't done a job like it before my only advice is to bid it time and materials.
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