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Remodeling Show, Indianapolis--October 27th-30th

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I've seen a few of you talk about coming here to Indy for the Remodeling Show in October, many specifically for the lead based training.

Some of us are planning to get together at some point... dinner, drinks, coffee, whatever... just to shoot the breeze and perhaps put a face to the names we've been chatting with on here for so long.

So, I figured I post a thread and ask specifically who was coming.

The exhibit hall registration is free, up until the 28th I think. If you need help with picking a place to stay, or anything else, let me know. Sorry, but the extra beds at my place are all spoken for:

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I thought I all ready reserved the cage.

I am planning at least one day.
Chris, I cant sleep away from home unless I know that I will wake up in the morning spooning with a 120lb dog.
This is an awards dinner, isn't it? Did your company win something? :thumbsup:

I thought I'd bump this up. The Remodeling Show is next week, who's coming?

Geeze, kinda personal huh?:whistling:laughing:

I am for one day, maybe two. Maybe Wed. and Thurs., or just thursday.
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Not I - I don't think you need to drink the Kool Aid, just touch the tools. Man that stuff is pure eye candy that is very nicely designed & both items I touched I now want (Drill & systainers - I already want the track saw). [email protected] you Festool :laughing:

I left before I touched anything else
They didn't give you any freebies?
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Nope - but they were also swamped at the time I stopped by their booth, & I don't recall seeing them handing anything out either.
I shouldn't brag then huh?
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Shane said not to tell anyone.:whistling
Well, some of these guys are privliged here.:laughing:

Nice meeting you and, spend a bit more time around here.:thumbsup:
It's Sean :laughing:

He can brag about his consquests, just not spill anything about the rest of us :shifty:

Now come on Warner - what else could they give you that you don't have - if its the display saw, your in for it
Chris meant Shane Holland from Festool.

I all ready have the Kapex and the table.:whistling

I got a nice watch, 8 or 10 jig saw blades, a shirt, and some insider info.

They had a nice set-up, thats for sure.
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1 - 10 of 47 Posts
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