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Refinishung benches - Advice needed

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Guys I need some advice refinishing benches . I refinish dozens of benches for a client as part of their maintenance program . Our finish is great but the process is dusty for a finished space .

I am looking to invest in a festool sander with vac setup. My issue is selecting the right tool for the job. Our hand method usually includes 80 grit followed by 150. The deeper scratches usually don't come out , but the wood cleans up real well. I'm looking to perfect this process especially since they are usually done overnight and on site , needed for the next morning.

We coat them with Aqua Zar water base clean satin poly and leaves a beautiful finish that dries to the touch in minutes .

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RO 90 and a CT midi. You will love it I promise, and if you do a lot of this type of finishing your investment will be recouped almost immediately.

I would go 80 150 220 grit in granat paper. In rotex mode it would take about two minutes with coarser grit like 36 to completely strip all the coating off the seats.
I agree with JHC, but would probably go with the RO 125.
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