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Refinishing oak floors

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What is a fair price per sq foot for refinishing edge nailed oak floors? About 2300 sq ft. Sanding, two coats oil modified poly. Is two coats sufficient?
Also price of 54" wide stairs , treads & risers?
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I had mine redone for $1.25 per sq ft. 3x sanded with 2 coats of oil based poly.

Something I always wondered is why not use varnish? My old man vanished his floors when I was a kid and those thing never scratched! Mine scratched within the first week. Unless a flooring expert tells me why not to varnish my floors I am going to varnish them in my next house.
Grumpy, boy did you make out! I go by time & materials and went back to some of my old invoices.
First class job: I move/store all furniture, pictures, barricade off rest of house, remove and refinish all baseboards, trim, etc., refinish flooring with 4 coats of marine grade varnish and return room to original condition. $14.89 a sq. ft. average.
Second class job: Floor only. Move all furniture and art to one side of room and repeat for other side, finish the same as above. $6.21 a sq. ft.
Never had the opportunity to do an empty room, I mostly do this during the summer when the snowbirds go home.
Well the condo was empty. I was just moving in and there was no furniture. I took off all the baseboards or base shoe for them so they didn't need to, because I was replacing them anyways.

I got a few quotes all in the same range. I went with the cheapest but not because he was the cheapest. I probably would have went with him even if he had matched the highest bidders price. He explained alot to me about the process and the different finishes and his office is right down the street so if he did a bad job I could break his windows every day on my way home from work.
Gee Grumpy, send your man to me. I've got two quotes 1) @ $1.75 sq ft and $35.00 per stair & riser and 2) @ $2.50 sq ft and $35.00 per stair & riser. The higher bid is using gym floor finish thats used on college & NBA floors. The house is 100% empty. Not having base boards done in this bid. My painters are taking care of the trim, windows, doors & baseboards. Thanks for the input.
LOL Nature Flooring in Glenview, IL Not sure where you are at but chances are your out of his range. $1.75 might not be so bad. How many estimates did you obtain?

You might consider to find more flooring guys in your area.
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