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Im new here and hoping I can find some solid information on products for deck cleaning and staining. I did a search but the more relevant stuff I found was from around 2008..figured I'd see if there are any newer products out there.

I have project at a house refinishing, among other things, a large-ish deck. It had been finished at some point..approx 10 years ago..the homeowners 'think' it was a Thompson product. Not much of it left except in one corner under a trunk that sits there.

Anyhow, I've water tested the deck and it sucks it right up..Visually, no real sign of finish anywhere..This PT 2x6 pine.

This deck sits directly on the Eastern shore of Lake Michigan and gets pounded with weather - everything you can imagine. It's reasonably shaded most of the day though.

I want to clean it thoroughly and then stain with a semi transparent stain.

Questions are..

Best cleaner?

(I was at the local hardware and all they had was product called "Flood Wood Cleaner", I noticed on the label that it contains TSP..wondering if that's the primary agent in it.)

I know there are some better Wood cleaning products out there these days..suggestions?

Also..looking for a "best" and most durable stain..Im wondering if I shouldn't look at Marine products..for boats?

Re-application in the future is certainty so I'd like to use a product that can be reapplied with minimal prep work..if possible.

Would love some thoughts from you guys who deal with deck regularly..My experience with modern stains is that don't make em like they used to.

Also..these folks want to do a grey that is neutral..deeper grey that doesn't read as greenish or blue-ish..Most of what I've what I've been spec'ing has a definite color cast..warm or cool.

Cabots, Sikkens, the new Benjamin Moore stain products...
Behr? :blink:

Thanks in advance..sorry for the long post.

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