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Red Guard waterproof??

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Can any of you experts enlighten me?

I've used Red Guard on a bathroom job for the first time.
What amazes me is that, although Red Guard is supposed to create a waterproof membrane, is reacts with water even a few days after it's dried.
Shouldn't anything waterproof be inert to water?

I had some tiles freshly cut and still moist from the wetsaw, I layed them down on the floor to check the fit... and was quite surprised, when taking them off, to see that the Red Guard below the moist tiles had gotten back from red to pink, just like uncured product.

Is that fishy or what?
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Although it changes color, water still won't go thru it.
hi Laserguy,

how long has the Redgard been dried for ?
if you have the proper mil thickness and it has cured you should worry.
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