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Red Green fix

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I can't find the picture but the back of this building collapsed. The owner promised to fix it up to save it from demolition. This was her "fix."
This is in a town I lived in while I was in business.
Actually I think Red Green would have used more duct tape.

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3m or Gorilla could use something real similar for an advertising campaign. Just put a fake crack on a high profile building and "fix" it with tape.
duct tape

They should have used more tape! That looks like Real Duct tape for a/c's. No wonder it didn't hold she should have used the vinyl grey tape:eek:.
I can't watch Red Green sober.

Duct tape heavan

I wonder if they fix things at that factory with Duct tape:blink:.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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