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Anyone who uses-installs Malibu can not claim they are professionals. I have seen a few nice deck light installs then contractors ruin it with a crappy black plastic box. Use a professional transformer guys.


Tons of great companies out there.

Dekor puts out a "decent" L.E.D. system but I can't stand that cool blue color. Few more years and the led lighting will be top notch.

Kichler puts out nice led deck lighting.

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I don't claim to be a professional lighting installer...thats why I posted the request. I am a professional deck builder however.

Attached pics are of the deck I did with Malibu (sorry, no dusk photos). I did this one early this year. My experience with lighting is minimal but I am always striving to set myself apart from all of the average deck builders locally. Quality is #1.

I have been to the sites posted by everyone and I am blown away/excited by the options that are out there.

I love this site and really appreciate the feedback from everyone. It is only going to make me that much better going into next year.

Thanks guys/gals

Yes there a TON of options. Malibu is great for the diy. It's just not for the professional contractor to install. Last thing you want is your reputation being ruined over a simple addon to a beautiful deck. If your going to use the half moon type lights use Kichler. If you want them in a raw brass that will patina to a verde use Coppermoon. But it all comes down to your connections and your transformer.

Use something similar to that unit.

Connection wise well that topic can be argues for days.

Those should handle putting leads on.

But to hook up to your main line wired in a hub style method

One thing to remember is. Low voltage is NOT LINE VOLTAGE. In a house a parallel circuit works just fine. But with low voltage lighting daisy chaining is just not an option. Once again a diy homeowner might be happy with his handy work. But being a professional who gets paid proper wiring is mandatory.

To finish up if alot of this seems over your head you might be better off subbing this work out. Contact a local landscape lighting guy and talk to him. My rates for contractors are much lower then homeowners. Also with all of these post sleeve type railing system chasing wire is easy these days. If you have any questions or I can be of any help just pm me and I will give you my cellphone number. Lighting is my passion as decks are yours so I can go on for days about this crap.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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