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Reclaimed Wood Products Manufacturer And Sawmill

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(973)923-3273 Just wanted to introduce our company, we are a Reclaimed Wood Products Manufacturer And Sawmill. We offer many different types, styles, species , colors, and textures of rustic ceiling beams, wood siding or plank wood, and antique flooring to fit almost any budget. We have over 1 million board feet of reclaimed lumber in our manufacturing facility so let’s get creative. Visit our website at for more information and design ideas.
Other Products & Services Include:

Decorative & Structural Ceiling Beams
Wide Plank Flooring
Barn Siding
Fireplace Mantles
Barn Doors
Exterior Timber Structures (Pavilions, Porticoes, Gazebos, Arbors, Trellises & More)
Wood Slabs
Production Tables for Restaurants
Custom Millwork
Custom Hand Crafted Furniture
Custom Farm & Communal Tables
Executive Desks
End Grain Wood Tiles
Corbels & Brackets
Stair Components
Reclaimed Tin Roof Panels
Timber Truss Manufacturing
Antique Windows, Shutters, & Doors
Sawmill Services

25 minutes from the GWB
20 minutes from Brooklyn, NY
30 minutes from Staten Island, New York
Only 3.5% sales tax!

Real Antique Wood Mill
31 Cordier Street
Irvington, NJ 07111


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Sounds more like an ad than an introduction but welcome anyway.
Hahaha... well thank you for the welcome. Stop by our shop so we can welcome you too! :)
Welcome! You're the marketing guru? And what's the story on the barn /silo for sale?
Thought it would be cool... Come on!... a secret passage way!?!?! lol
And yes I am the marketing guru! lol
Got any pointers!
And yes I am the marketing guru! lol
Got any pointers!
Sure, change your trade to Wood Products:laughing:
I sent a customer over to check this place out and they had a blast . They picked out lumber for a bar top and a small barn door . Pictures to follow in a few weeks .
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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