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Recent project

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Finished this house a while ago. We framed the basement today

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Room Building Floor House Ceiling

Building Ceiling Wood Room Architecture

Building Room Attic Wood Beam

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Beam Wood Ceiling Room Wall
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Nice work. Kolbe windows. Nice!
Nice looking job! Pretty similar to some that are going up here.

..............Except for the trusses, of course.:whistling

Started the basement on mine today. Luckily, no arches, at least so far.
Framing looks good! Cool basement!
really nice job. :thumbsup:
Nice and clean job ya have there.
I don't see any kick out flashings :whistling Could be my bad eye's though :laughing:

What the exterior getting as a finish?
Thanks guys. I'm really not wild about the small roof that dives into the house or the fact that the roofers trash the tyvek, but otherwise it did turn out nice. I'm on a big shack now with a crazy roof, I'll have to get some picks up for all the truss haters out there
I see that there is no stair stringer in the picture? How is the trim done on that in the future? And, I know you just built it, not designed it, BUT, to me that little tri-angle shaped roof, design, look dumb!! Just my 2 cents worth! Good job!
Thats wicked!!
Never seen that step down truss sitting on the gable walls like that.
Also, how did you do that curve on the end of the main gable.. looks damn good. i have my idea how i'd do it but i want professional input haha
The step down area is actually a girder w/ hangers and a wall framed under it. The curve on the gable was scaled off the plan. Then I just punched in the rise and run on my construction master to get the radius.
There is a stair stringer, it's hard to see but we hold it off framing an inch and a half to leave room for drywall and a finish stringer
Surely, you don't mean me????:no:

Remember, I did 22 of these last year.
I'm on a big shack now with a crazy roof, I'll have to get some picks up for all the truss haters out there


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It wasn't directed at anyone specific, I'm just sayin. I believe I heard some thing about complex roofs being next to impossible with trusses. I'll post pics of the roof I set today a little later
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You can see we are gonna need some engineering on two of the trusses
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Man......I wish some of you guys were closer just so I could come swing a hammer on your job to learn some of this day indeed....
2 zoom booms? Damn.. Oh.. let me come frame the octagon!! :thumbsup:
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