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Re-surfaced deck and now it is pooling water in the middle

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We just finished re-surfacing a deck on a house that is over 100+ years old. Water started to pool in the centre of the deck a few months after it was completed. When we re-surfaced the deck we ensured there was a slight grade slope and now that we received the complaint we have gone back to review and the slope has changed. We removed the drywall on the ceiling in the basement to review the deck from below and saw that a number of additional beams had been added diagonally between the trusses to add additional support. We also noticed that the basement door which is located right under the deck was difficult to open and close due to shifting. Is this a common occurance when renovating a heritage home. We have never experienced this before?
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So this is the first time you've seen the framing of the deck you resurfaced?
How did you resurface a deck & change a grade problem?

You didn't look underneath BEFORE you started?
... saw that a number of additional beams had been added diagonally between the trusses to add additional support....
If you post a picture of the diagonal beams and trusses in the basement ceiling, it might help us understand the true nature of the problem.
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Yes... some details will help.

What did you resurface... ie new surface.... old surface

What/When (before/ after wasthe new beams/support added.

Were you responsible for the structural support of the deck.... resurfacing could be painting it to putting slab granite on it (just an exageration)

Was this deck somehow over the basement... or was the drywall cut out just for somehow to get a view window.... still seems odd assembly.

What's the foundation of the deck.

Actually, just having to ask these questions, in that you did not supply the issues, makes me wonder if you knew what you were doing.

No insult, just what I'm wondering

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forgive my ignorance but how do you pool water on a deck? and what kind of deck is over a basement?

Deck flooring has spacing,no? water cant can bead with a good product but pool?

or is this a porch with T&G flooring? and WTF is that over a basement for?
Whered the water go before this? the basement?
Seasonal movement is normal in an old house, settling isn't - it should have been done with that a long time ago unless site grading / roof water paths have changed.

I've seen old T&G decks built with 4" in 8' slope, and they didn't pool, but more common around here was 2" in 8' (they didn't pool either).
just put a pool in the basement..problem solved..
I can make up a story that fits BTW's description: It's a walk-out basement that got added onto sometime in the past, with a deck on top from the first floor. The deck surface is a resin/epoxy or tile. The deck above basement doesn't really fit the 100-year-old part, so maybe it was or is a garage. There are plenty of places in San Francisco that fit that description, and could be that age. Or the situation could be something else entirely.
BTW: Chances are you messed up. It's unlikely that a building that old would move much unless provoked by something recent. Possible causes:
  • Some green lumber in the middle has dried and shrunk. Something's holding it up on the edges
  • Whatever you did to level it is simply causing the ceiling below to bow down.
  • You messed up around the edges. Water's coming in and swelling up the framing around the edges or causing it to sag in the middle.
  • Etc
If you want answers from us, you might have to get past our suspicion that you're not a contractor. Your post isn't very contractorish sounding, particularly for someone who says their trade is carpentry.

But hey, you're anonymous; come back and give it a shot.
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Good deduction .... Sherlock HolmesSFO...:thumbsup:

Would be interesting if OP does come back..;)
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Occasionally this kind of thing was done as an economy. Build the full cellar, and put a porch with roof over part of it, with an eye to closing it in later when you have the money and need the space. Around here it would be T&G over boards sloped fairly aggressively away from the house, with the T&G boards laid in the direction of water flow.

On the other hand, it could be anything...
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